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Friday, October 26, 2007
No to IFC, Yes to Dialogue Print E-mail
No to IFC, Yes to Dialogue
IFC is not meant for Interfaith Dialogue

ABIM views with grave concern the call made by the Opposition Leader Mr. Lim Kit Siang at the Parliament on Tuesday urging the government to set up an Interfaith Council. Although the majority of Muslims objected to the earlier proposal to form an Interfaith Commission, a fact that is well known to Mr. Lim himself, he argued that sensitive inter-religious issues will be resolved with the formation of such a council. His view on this matter implies that the IFC is the only means to promote inter-faith dialogue and that the Muslims’ objection to its formation lacks valid justification.
Our objection to the formation of such a body, as well as the reasons why we objected, was well documented. However, constant calls made by the non-Muslim politicians and religious leaders for the formation of such a body on the ground that it will promote inter-religious harmony through dialogue and protect the constitutional rights of the non-Muslims only serve to cast Muslim organizations opposing to such a move in bad light. We therefore reiterate our objections on the following grounds:

• IFC is not a mechanism for Interfaith Dialogue. It is meant to be an institution that promotes a one sided view about religious freedom, which its proponents claimed to be based on “prescribed international norms”, without rooms for disagreements.

• IFC started on a wrong footing. Our representatives who sat on the multi-faith committee which was set up to discuss the formation of an inter-religious council in early 2001 was appalled by the incessant calls by the proponents of the IFC, most of them were members of the Human Rights Committee of the Bar Council, for a review of the constitutional provisions which restrain a Muslim from converting to other religions. Being insensitive to the reservations from the representatives of Muslim organizations, they presented cases on the application for apostasy, which they lost, and urged others to support their call. This confirmed our view that they were not there to hold dialogues but to promote and impose upon others their own view about freedom of religion, especially the right of a Muslim to apostatize.

• IFC is set to interfere with matters internal to one’s religion. It is a seemingly “inter-faith” body with a strong urge to criticize, condemn and make unsolicited recommendations on intra-faith issues beyond juristic competence of its members. This is glaringly evident by the actions of its proponents, including the non-Muslims, who continuously condemned basic tenets of Islam for which they have no competence to do so. Allowing such condemnation to take root in an “inter-faith” body will only do more harm than good in our efforts to promote religious harmony.

• There had been deliberate attempts by the proponents of the IFC to selectively put forth constitutional provisions which seem to be supportive of their view about the unbridled freedom of religion and discard others which are not in their favor in order to substantiate their arguments. And yet, they claimed to uphold the Federal Constitution. In the National Conference Toward the Formation of the Interfaith Commission of Malaysia organized by the Bar Council and a host of other organizations in February 2005, there were heated arguments on why Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution, which limits the propagation of religious beliefs among those professing the religion of Islam, was not mentioned at all in the draft Bill for the proposed Commission. Despite legitimate claims that the organizers should take Article 11(4) into consideration in drafting the Bill, the general atmosphere of the debate during the conference had been to condemn the Clause 4 of Article 11 for restraining one’s right to unbridled freedom of religion. Although the constitutionality of the draft Bill was seriously questioned, it was finally adopted by the Conference. Now we ask, which Constitution that the proponents of the IFC, including Mr. Lim Kit Siang, are adamant to uphold? To us, this is just an example of “selective constitutionalism” adopted by the proponents of the IFC as a strategy to promote sectional interests.

We call on Mr. Lim Kit Siang to stop making assertion that the IFC is the only mechanism for interfaith dialogue and hold others at ransom to accept such assertion. We also call on the Opposition Leader to take into consideration the views of the majority of the Muslims who are against such a proposal when making statements on the IFC and other related issues. We really want to see that Mr. Lim and his Democratic Action Party truly promote the interests of all Malaysians regardless of race and religion. Reading Mr. Lim’s statement in the Parliament on Tuesday, as well as that of his other colleagues participating in the parliamentary debate on that day, we could not but conclude that the Opposition Leader and his party had not made much progress in this regard.

We believe that meaningful interfaith dialogue could only be held when all parties to the dialogue have sincere intention to promote understanding and harmony among different religious communities. It should not be an avenue for imposition of one’s view over the others or an opportunity to demonize other religions.

Secretary General
Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM)

his journey to Islam......

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
jus a story to be shared.. td explore2 utube with abd alim n then we ended up with this vc. kinda interesting. here i can conclude that Islam have the faith n the proof while other religions do not. the speaker is muallaf, and he's very creative and attractive. well done brO yusuf!!

~luqmanhafizi,1230 am,home sweeeet home~

quds fil khotor : al-aqsa in danger. where's our sensitivity?


4 d past few weeks, i've attend amanpalestin week in my campus, uiam pj.. n the week was awesome. i've gained knowledges bout palestin, n yet the week nourishes my spirit n sensivity in knowing bout muslims in palestin.. i've discover a lot--4 me( act it is very lil ) bout the quds area, which consists the masjidil aqsa, al-sakhra or formerly known as the dome of rock( i thought this is d real masjidil aqsa earlier), buraq wall(wailing wall) and many other unique features include of arches and some other things that i still in my way to learn bout it. to view another infOs,can refer to youtube or my wordpress blog, or pls visit amanpalestin website : www.amanpalestin.com

penyegar iman di akhir ramadhan~~ from 'apis'

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Artikel ditulis oleh Bro.MuhammadKamal [http://muhammadkamal.wordpress.com/]

Meneladani Sikap Juang Tentera BADAR
Written by Xifu Xx
Sunday, 30 September 2007

Dunia hari ini berbeza dengan dunia yang lalu. Oleh sebab itulah, hari ini bila kita berbicara soal sejarah,belum tentu kita berminat untuk mendengarnya apatah lagi untuk menyelaminya. Lebih dahsyat lagi, bila sejarah Islam semakin dilupakan dari minda masyarakat kita hari ini. Buktinya, ada dikalangan pemimpin kerajaan yang memperkecilkan zaman-zaman kegemilangan Islam yang lampau, sehingga menyatakan pendapatnya bahawa kita tidak perlu lagi untuk menyingkap sejarah-sejarah orang terdahulu akan tetapi kita hendaklah mencipta sejarah yg baru.

Inilah dia contoh golongan orang-orang yang tidak mahu masyarakat mengetahui kebenaran. Maka, tidak hairanlah jika masyarakat hari ini lebih berminat meniru gaya-gaya dan tingkah laku orang barat yang telah lari daripada batasan syara'.Mungkin itulah yang mereka mahu. Mereka takut sekiranya masyarakat celik sejarah. Mereka juga takut jika masyarakat faham Islam. Hasilnya, usaha-usaha segelintir manusia yang iingin bercerita tentang kebenaran Islam hari ini mendapat tentangan dan sekatan. Bibit-bibit penentangan terhadap Islam itu sendiri telah kelihatan walhal mereka juga terdiri dikalangan orang yang menganut agama Islam.

tazkirah ramadhan dr 'apis'

Written by Xifu Xx
Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Sambil memerhatikan ayahnya membaiki mainan tersebut, dia terus memberi arahan kepada ayahnya, "Ayah, cuba lihat bahagian sebelah kiri, mungkin di situ kerosakannya." Ayahnya menurutinya, tapi ternyata alat permainannya masih gagal diperbaiki.

Maka dia berkata lagi, "Oh, bukan di situ, mungkin yang sebelah kanan. Cuba ayah tengok di situ pula." Ayahnya menuruti apa yang dikatakan, tapi tetap mainannya itu belum boleh diperbaiki lagi.

"Kalau begitu, cuba yang bahagian depan pula."

Kali ini ayahnya marah, "Sudah! Kalau kamu pandai, mengapa tidak kamu baiki sendiri saja? Jangan ganggu ayah lagi. Ayah banyak kerja lain."

Setelah dia mencuba beberapa saat untuk membaikinya sendiri dan masih belum berhasil, maka akhirnya dia kembali kepada ayahnya sambil merengek. "Tolonglah ayah, saya suka mainan ini, kalau rosak begini bagaimana? Tolong laa..."

Kerana tidak sampai hati mendengar rengekan anaknya, si ayah akhirnya menyerah, "Baiklah, ayah akan membaiki mainanmu asalkan kamu berjanji tidak memberitahu apa yang harus ayah lakukan. Kamu duduk saja dan perhatikan ayah buat."

Ketika ayahnya sedang membaiki mainannya, si anak mula bersuara lagi, "Jangan yang itu, rasanya bukan bahagian itu yang rosak."

Lalu ayahnya membalas, "Kalau kamu komen lagi, kamu baiki sendiri mainan ini." Kerana takut ayahnya akan benar-benar melakukan apa yang dikatakannya, anak itu diam dan duduk melihat saja sehingga mainannya berhasil diperbaiki.

Seperti anak kecil itu, kita juga sering kali berserah kepada Allah SWT tetapi dalam masa yang sama kita masih lagi mahu mengatur Allah bagaimana sebaiknya jalan hidup kita. Bila kita sungguh-sungguh pasrah kepada kehendak Allah SWT, maka nescaya Allah SWT adalah yang Maha Mengetahui dan sangat mencintai kita agar melalukan yang terbaik, lebih dari apa yang kita fikirkan dan doakan, sesuai dengan kehendakNya...

Kita merancang yang terbaik dalam hidup ini, Dia juga punya perancangan yang terbaik untuk hamba-hambaNya. Namun, segala perancanganNya adalah yang terbaik. Dia Mengetahui, sedang kita tidak. Dia Berkuasa sedang kita ini hanya hambaNya yang lemah lagi hina...Maka, sandarkanlah segala sesuatu hanya padaNya...