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crite best + crite kurang best [cOlours of LiFe]

Friday, November 16, 2007
yg best.. alhamdulillah..
1. isnin, normal day. oh ya, forgot already, syamimi's n kak adila che rameli's birthday ~ syamimi is my good friend during primary school meanwhile the brilliant kak dila is my bedmate during 2005.
2. selasa, abnormal day. extragavanza 4 me. hehe.. 13 nov 1989 is my birthday. d day i was going to 18. a big girl already. ayh bawak kitorg makan2 kt tg lumpur.. hehehe..but abamir refused to join, got somewhat headache or stomach ache he told.(or maybe only an excuse 4 him to watch tv) meanwhile, dad's car also dont have enough space for him.hihi. (x.X)
3. -rabu, atikah dawam's 18 burfday. hihi. my junior one day.
- rabu juga,my dad and i were having mi calong for breakfast! weeeeeeeee~ after my motorcycle test was cancelled..
4. khamis, i've passed my second motorcycle test, praised to Allah.
5. - jumaat, i've passed my second car tet, praised to Allah. alhamdulillah 4 getting a sporting and considerable jpj tester, and 4 getting the courage and confident to drive.
-jumaat also, my roomie's burfday, siti nur aisyah. happy today aisyah!! hehehe.. she's a nice person and indeed have many short stories to share. We,(azwar,liyana, and I) were pleaaasseeed to lend our here everyday we came back from our holidae. hihi. also not forgotten, amal's birthday, hamdanian in my former school.
6. my bestie friend at SHAH, adibah will visit me here... she is in her way from perlis to rompin, pahang and decided to stop at kuantan, tomorrow. can't wait 4 tomorrooooooow!
7. 19th, next monday, zarifah's becoming burfday. she's now craving to see yunho oppa, dbsk or officially known as tvxq at tvxq concert soon on 24 nov( is this date is tru,efa? hOh0) and, on 20th, his birthday, my long-dont-talk-to friend... heeeheeeheee
8. lastly, i realised that, i don't have to step anymore at PMC! muahahahahahahaha. leave d PMC as soon as possible is my target during the 3rd week of my holiday.hehehehe
9. gosh, already forgot this! (this will happened if u have too much to tell). I am so happy that finally i've found my recent car test card that flew in d air when i was riding motorcycle just now. i just lazy to stop my bike and just watch the card flew awayyyy~ (hehe, mentang2 la br pass exam). at last, after cikgu azmi said that d card was very important, i returned back to the road, and finally, the card were taken by a student who was orphan.( i know she is orphan because she was heading to orphanage). there were 4 of them. thank yoU soo0oO much adik2!

yg kurang best...
1. use my scholar money to pay for d vehicles retest. nearly rm300.. and the sum of all the payment is about rm 1800. nearly rm 2k.. fuiyoo0oo.. (fuyo2 sgtlah.. mcm air je.. org laen x **test pn, tp awk ye..)
2. terpaksa tunggu en boss sek mandu yg slalu lmbt dtg pmc.. penantian itu sungguh suatu penyeksaan.. cewahh.. haha..menguji kesabaran sungguh..
3. sew nenek's baju kurung not in correctly order. terkecik! even my grandma's is smaller than me, but i think d aju kurung is still small for her! and if i guess she will insist not to wear the baju kurung.. mom says.." ya Allah! kecik2! nenek awk mane pakai kecik2 ni.." heehee.. at d other hand, when she see d shining baju kurung at d first sight, she said, "waaaahh..cantiknye bju nenek.. berkilau2.." smbil tergelak2 kecil.
4. motorcycle test has to be postponed on wednesday. the enthusiasm to take the test that day was fleeting.
5. emm.. i can't think the next. okay..stopped here then .

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