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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring is to to monitor drugs with narrow therapeutic index. The amount and dosage should be nearly exact as it will ineffective either when the dose is exceeded or the dose is inadequate even in small; Exceeded dose might cause toxicity. Inadequate dose may cause ineffectiveness. So, be careful to be sure and exact.

List down 5 drugs in TDM
-Gentamycin, phenytoin, vancomycin, digoxin.... lg 1 x ingat...

Below listed drug, as adapted from blog rahsiafarmasi.com..

Drugs Related

1. Amikacin

2. Carbamazepine

3. Cyclosporin

4. Digoxin

5. Gentamycin

6. Paracetamol

7. Phenobarbitone

8. Phenytoin

9. Sodium Valproate

10. Theophylline

11. Vancomycin

12. Methotrexate

13. Salicylate acid

14. Tacrolimus


paracetamol pun?

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