اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى ال سيدنا محمد

you are never alone

Saturday, July 10, 2010

when the world not on ur side
You don't know where to run to
You don't know where to hide
You gaze at the stars in the sky
At the mountains so high
Through the tears in your eyes

Looking for a reason
To replace what is gone
Just remember remember
You are never alone

You are never alone
Just reach into your heart and Allah is always there
You are never alone
You are never alone

Through sorrow through grief
Through happiness and peace
You are never alone

Allah already bring you to it. He will help you to it. :)
Rabbi yassir wala tu'assir
InnaAllaha ma'as sabirin
InnaAllaha ma'ana
Kemanisan itu akan terasa selepas tempoh itu
Be grateful to ALLAH
Alhamdulillah 10x

Deep breathing

So now
as you long for your past
Prepare for your future
But knowing nothing gonna last
You see
But life is but a road
A Straight and narrow path
To our final abode
So travel well o Huda
And paradise will be your home
And always remember
That you're never alone

Life is like a chocolate. Enjoy it before it melts and condensed..Haha...

Salam Isra Miraj.

3 thoughts from optimists:

  1. Ummu Hurairah said...:

    like this..:) you are never alone :)

  1. echa said...:

    saye suke coklat..=)

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