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Diuretics by indications... revision.

Saturday, April 9, 2011
Indication : Diabetes Insipidus
Diabetes insipidus
is a condition in which the kidneys are unable to conserve water
best drug of choice : Thiazide Class
potent thiazide drug : hydrochlorthiazide
PK : orally, long acting
others : less excretion of Ca ions
Other drugs in same class : Flumethiazide, Chlorthiazide, analogues : Chlorthalidine, Clopamide, Quinethazone

Indication : Prophylaxis
Prophylaxis is a kind of prevention. May reduce nausea. Thus drugs indicated is to prevent sickness for mountain climbers.
best drug class of choice : CA inhibitors
drugs : acetazolaide, methazolamide
PK : give 1- 4 times daily. excreted in proximal tubule
indicateions : glaucoma

Indication : Pulmonary edema
Class of drugs : Loop diuretics
best drug : Furosemide, Bumetanide, Torsemide, Azosemide, Ethacrynic Acid
drugs : Furosemide
Most efficacious drugs, rapid onset.
Increase Calcium excretion
may cause hypomagnesia

Indication : Hepatic cirhosis
Hepatic cirrhosis is licked with ascites which is fluid retention in abdominal cavity
Class drug of choice : Potassium Sparring
Best drug award : spironolactone
Mechanism : antagonize aldosterone, so less sodium ions and water retention. more excretion of water. and (low efficacy in mobilizing sodium ions in the body - what's this?)
PK : absorbed orally and strongly bound to proteins.
Adverse effects : GI
Note not very efficacous for renal diseases

Another drugs in this class: Amilodride, Triamterene
Mechanism : inhbit sodium ions channels
Indicated for Addison's disease.
Addison's diease is chronic adrenal insufficiency. not renal, please take note. To know more, read later.

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