اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى ال سيدنا محمد

Back to basic - about gold dinar

Friday, November 5, 2010
Salam 'alaik, may Allah grant all of us in the best of health. Salam yaumul jumaat.

Yesterday, I wrote something about gold dinar on my facebook. I just copied my brother's status as i was quite boring without any controversial issues. Hehe. ETP, politics, GALAS election, asnaf zakat and bribery, are they not controversial enough for you, Huda? It do put me to become aware, but it is not so attractive as what gold dinar attracts me. And attracts my friend as well.

I got many response (more than one so we may consider it many lah hehe) from my friends (ex schoolmate, kuliyyah, and fb friends). They ask me about the dinar. I do wrote some things and email them. For those who want the email, just hit me in the comment box or private msg me.

Back to basic
I feel excited and happy for those responds. But, that will not bring me satisfaction. I realized that everything must back to basic. 'Amal start from niat. Niat must be pure and true. Pious niat will make us be on track. Then the 'amal will behaves in the good way, thus preserve and protect ourselves from any mischief. InsyaALlah.

My motives and objectives
The use of gold dinar is not only in the sense of materalism, but it is also a struggle towards implementation of islamic economic system. We have been the victims of secular economy system for a long time, such as corruptions, debts, and everything related. May the start of using dinar become a blessing to everyone.

The use of gold dinar is not only in the sense of materalism, but it is also a struggle towards implementation of islamic economic system

I will create a blog about the advantages of dinar and anything related. As soon as I have free time. Do visit ok.

Friends, if i am too fanatic or might losing focus on study, please remind me. Your concern is really appreciated. Huhuhuhu. Sayang korang sume.

If u would like to know more about the advantages for dinar, please visit -> http://umaralfateh.wordpress.com Credit to this bro. I've listened to his talk once a few months ago about the dinar. Reallu reereshing.


~Allahummaj'al niyyata niyyatal mukhlisin..

Fuh, berjaya jugak speaking...
usrati kaybee,
1047 am.

3 thoughts from optimists:

  1. Ruh mata Aini said...:

    huda, i do really interested in dinar trade, but don't have much money to invest/buy..huda belanje leh..??hik3...

    ur english power la!!!gambateh huda!!sokong huda!!:)

  1. DaruL said...:

    hehe... satu per enama puluh dinar boleh la belanja... tp sinar sie x jual pulak pecahan2 kecik op..

    english aini, qarnil, n dr el power lg.....

  1. aflah said...:

    bile nak buat blog ni.

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