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Monday, May 23, 2011

After handing over the Memorandum to the Australian High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur, Member of Malaysian Parliament for Kuantan and Vice President of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Fuziah Salleh with the delegation of "People's Green Coalition" and "Stop Lynas, Save Malaysia" held a press conference outside the Australian High Commission on 20 May 2011 with transcript and speech of Fuziah as given below:


"We have handed over the Memorandum and I think we spent nearly an hour inside there and Arthur Squirel, the number two in the Australian High Commission has been very, very helpful, supportive, and very attentive to everything that we have said...our concerns and all of us spoke...the Chair, Vincent...spoke.

We spoke...we informed our concerns...among our concerns are...we are very concern about the incapability and the incompetency of the Malaysian Government to be able to manage such a refinery and there's no such refinery outside China...and we do not have a benchmark...we do not have a best practice and we certainly do not want to use the best practice of China...and as such we are very, very concern that the Malaysian government will not be able to manage it.

In Australia, Lynas has received a license to buld a refinery plant in Australia, but Lynas chose not to use the license because the license will ask Lynas to be very, very stringent with regard to the environmental compliance.

The regulator in Australia is the EPA, the Environmental Protection Authority, and they have to commit to 41 commitments in various areas and various aspects...from transportation to process to buffer zones, to ground water to waste management, whereas in Malaysia, the regulator is the AELB...they are only concerned with radioactive levels. They do not look into the other aspects of transportation, the monitoring of waste, processing, the environmental, ground water, whether there is spillage...

In Australia, they will be doing it in every area - they will buffer zone of 30 kilometres...

In Gebeng, 30KM radius, there are 700,000 people living in that 30KM radius around Gebeng...

In Australia, there will be buffer zone of 30KM and no one can live in that area.
So, you see, we are very concerned that Lynas is using double standards. Lynas is not doing it in Australia because it is so difficult to comply. Lynas is taking advantage of the loopholes in our laws.

Lynas is taking advantage of the lax in our environmental laws.

So, as such we also have experts who have had experience in Bukit Merah. Dr Jeya...You can also talk to him after this...he will explain to you what he went through with the Bukit Merah residents. How it was a very, very long struggle to put the plant to a stop.

Mitsubishi Corp. had so much experience... they are so established. Lynas had no plant prior to this.

What we are saying is that Lynas do not have the capacity to comply.
Malaysia does not have the capacity to enforce.

Gebeng is not the right place.

We do not want it in Gebeng.

We do not want it in anywhere in Malaysia.

If Lynas want to have such a plant, they must go back to Australia and do it in Australia and use their license that they have in Australia.

They should not take advantage of the Malaysian people.

We may be a developing nation, but the people in Malaysia, especially in Kuantan knows what we want and what we want is: "We do not want Lynas."

Video & Transcript by Rozaini Mohd Rosli.

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