اللهم صل على سيدنا محمد وعلى ال سيدنا محمد

16th of May

Sunday, May 17, 2009

This entry a bit personal and u may not gain any benefit, if u think so u may skip this...

16 Mei Hari Guru. I remember this phrase since I was in primary school. a piece of poem in my text book if i'm not mistaken.

A deepest gratitude and a very warm 'SELAMAT HARI GURU' wishes especially to my mother, father, and all my teachers as well as lecturers, who put their full effort to educate and teach me the best. May Allah bless them all and bountifully reward them all continuously in this world and hereafter.

Yet, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY for my beloved mother, Pn Zainab bt Dayan. Represent my lovely sisters and brothers, please forgive all our mistakes and do pray for our good future... Love u much3.

And today, i received 3 sms and 1 instant message for teacher's day, hehe, thanks to Nani, Aisyah, Dinie (Moscow) and my another friend. Aisyah may know how was a feeling as teacher as she had been together with those good kids after SPM. And me? Heh, I'm still here thinking the best how i want to win the children, at the same time my lesson always be somewhat effective. I miss the kids so much, they remind me who i am, they urges me to think creatively, they made problems for me to solve, and they spoilt things to attract me. Mentioning here, some of the year 2 kids name, Norman al-Hafidz, Akmal, Fazley, Fazley Izwan, Sholihin al-Hafiz, Danial Mustaqim, al-Mustaqeem, Ahmad Mustaqim, Fakrul, Hanis Imran, Aiman, Amirul, Izzat, Faiz, Nazwan, Danial Aima, Anis Natasha, Intan, Fatihah, Athirah, Ashiqin Rafiah, Zahirah, Zuriani, Ainul, Husna, and other smarties from 2 UPM.

Not forgetting 2 UUM boys and girls, the hottest class in year 2, even so teachers are really attentive to this class (pls get it right) . Okay, here you may meet : Hamzah Fansuri, Amiruldin, Farid, Iman Nur Soleh, Mukhsin and Mukhlis (the twins), Aidil Fitri, Mustakim, Shasha, Azwina, Shazwina, Ikmal Hakim, Iqmal Haiqqal, and another Ikmal, Shahrul Ikmal, also the other smarties. ( I cannot remember their names as I managed for 2 UPM, i accept it is my mistake).

May all of u growing up under Allah's supervision, and may He grant you the best way in your life, and also may all of you will become the worthiest assets for ummah as well for the nation. Peace :)

Bad TEACHER complains, Good TEACHER explains, Better TEACHER demonstrates, Best TEACHER motivates, and GREAT TEACHER inspire.

And I want to be one of the great teacher. I feel fortunate to have this chance, even it is for a while. Alhamdulillah.

And for all my friend that will become a teacher one day, may your wishes come true! It's an advance to become teacher sooner than u all. hehe. [ for Izzati, Dayah, Hanum, Adibah, Ashraaf Raiez, n others ]

a pile of their books

a flock of their birds. nice colouring eh?

3 thoughts from optimists:

  1. Dinie said...:

    Lagu khas untuk ko huda.haha.

    Kami guru Malaysia
    Berikrar dan berjanji
    Mendidik dan memimpin
    Putra putri negara kita

    Pada Seri Paduka
    Kami tumpahkan setia
    Rukun Negara kita
    Panduan hidup kami semua

    Di bidang pembangunan
    Kami tetap bersama
    Membantu, membina
    Negara yang tercinta

    Amanah yang diberi
    Kami tak persiakan
    Apa yang kami janji
    Tunai tetap kami tunaikan

  1. Imran said...:

    Waahhh. huda. tolong wishkan "happy teacher's day" kat ur mom. She's splendid. =). Skang cekgu eh? waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Best! Selamat hari guru!

  1. DaruL said...:

    Dinie - heh. thanks btw. akanku hafal lagu khas ini.

    Imran - =) thanks toO. wish dh disampaikan. thanks 4 dropping by.

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