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Kuliyyah of Pharmacy

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tanggal 7 Julai ni... Masuklah semua student2 uia 1st year untuk sambung belajar degree.. insyaAllah kalau panjang umur.. atau 'secara roughly' nya, kalau nyawa masih dikandung badan, dengan course masing2 yang dah fixed.. Bukan macam kat matriks, boleh tukar2.. Mari overview apa objektif kuliyyah kita.. Take action by objectives~

taken from Kuliyyah of Pharmacy IIUM website

Kulliyyah Objectives

  1. To train pharmacists who have taqwa towards Allah and practice in the field of pharmacy in line with Islamic codes and principles
  2. To help increase the number of pharmacists required in Malaysia and also among Muslim nations
  3. To train graduates with adequate knowledge and skills in all aspects of drugs, beginning with their origin, chemistry, pharmacology, production and their usage.
  4. To train graduates who appreciate the etiology of diseases and pharmaco-therapeutic approach that is proposed to treat it.
  5. To train competent graduates who are able to generate new research findings in the technical, pharmaceutical and clinical aspects in order to improve the health care service.
  6. To train graduates who have a high level of professionalism, commitment, is trustworthy, self-confident and with sound knowledge in the discipline of pharmacy, and who have strong academic foundation to further specialize in any field of pharmacy.

Based on the objectives listed above, the pharmacy program that is to be established will be able to produce professionals in this discipline who can fulfill the requirements of Malaysia in particular, and Muslim countries in general. It is hoped that the graduates would be able to handle all problems related to drugs and their usage, and further develop the pharmaceutical industry and related technology.

Good Luck. Ma'an Najah.

Ya Allah, sahhillana kulluh..



11.09 am waktu Malaysia.

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