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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
A brief about news... just my 20 sen.

SPM 10 subjects :
I also disagree with this. Perhaps 15 subjects sounds better. Pity to students in religion schools. It's an advantage to learn Islamic subjects,but no exams will make students feel like..'what is the purpose of me studying these...'( sounds like too-exam-oriented, and so it was our education system makes up our mind with, i too don't deny it, hehe) bla3... 'no challenges...' Though during my spm years, all students have to take 11 subjects...to face challenges and world needs, bak kata cikgu-cikgu..

English is a must pass subject for SPM :
I do agree! It's to pass, not obtaining credit yet. Mom also agree because she tells that English teachers also got 10% increase in salary despite of ETEMS(Teaching Maths n Science in English) teachers, in addition ETEMS teachers also help the students to master English proficiently.

According to The Star 9th June 09, Dr M's also supports this effort as well as the PPSMI.
He also slammed those who oppose the move saying that these people were less concerned about education than politics. "It is more like politics than education. They are not interested in education or acquiring knowledge. All they want is to see how many votes they can win. So I am afraid the country will go to the dogs".... Asked about the possbility that the policy on the teaching Maths and Science in English would be scrapped Dr Mahathir said:
"I feel very sorry. In future, all Malays and Malaysians will be stupid." (The Star)
A political party wants SIS be banned:
No comment. Actually, I do agree. But somehow, Datuk Seri Shahrizat defends SIS, and said that "the political party should learn to accept differing views." (The Star) Hm, it is clear which is halal and haram, so, why do we hesitate? Oh no, I know I don't have rights to voice out, i am still studying, still restricted under the legal AUKU... heh. Nanti dikatakan pelajar universiti berpolitik pula. Acquiring news and active in politics, are they same? Dot. Whatever decision to come, may it is the best decision for ummah ^^

Just my 20 sen. About our beloved Malaysia.


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2 thoughts from optimists:

  1. salam syg..huda
    1)akak pn x brapa stuju hadkan nil subjek spm
    2)tntg SIS,amat setuju kalo dibannedkan.. for more info about SIS, blh msk lmn web ni

  1. hudaidris said...:

    salam sayang 3x untuk kak dayah juge!

    walaupun ada komen yg menyatakan sis tu berbakti kat masyrakat... tp penyelewengan tu bwk lg byk bencana. tQ for d info...!

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